Body Lotion and Why You Need It

Use of body lotion is not an indulgence. Your skin is the largest organ. It breathes and it is capable of absorbing nutrients. Exposed skin is vulnerable to effects of heat, humidity and UV as well as cold dry air. Body lotion sets things right, and here is how:

Rehydrates skin

If your skin is exposed to cold dry air as happens in air conditioned atmospheres and in cold weather then it tends to dry out and you are likely to get wrinkles sooner rather than later. Applying moisturizing lotion rehydrates the skin and keeps it soft for the day.

Dry patches, callouses

Your elbows, knees and soles of your feet tend to be drier and are likely to crack or develop darker colouring. Choose a body lotion with the right formulation and the skin on these areas will be just as smooth and lustrous as the skin on your hands or face.

Massage improves blood circulation and boosts immunity

Choose a body lotion such as Aveda’s Rosemary Mint body lotion with the right ingredients and in summer applying body lotion will have a cooling and soothing effect on you especially in humid locations. When you apply lotion to your entire body, for instance after a bath, take the time to massage it in gently in circular motions for a couple of minutes. This will improve blood circulation, give your skin a nice glow and it will also activate the lymphatic system, thereby boosting immunity.

Soothing, stress buster and relaxing

Use body lotion with essential herbal oils such as rosemary oil and you get added benefits. Essential oils can soothe, relax and drain away stress. You get better sleep. You feel happier and have a sense of overall pampering.B

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