Create a Warm, Sensuous Aura with Tangier Vanille Eau de Parfum

Tangier VanilleEau de Parfum

Perfumes create images and mental associations. A wise woman will use the right perfume to suit the occasion, the time of the day, the season and her mood as well as the image she wishes to convey.

Musk and spice can be heady and sensuous, perfect for a night out or to stand out. On the other hand, flowery high notes with just a hint of wood can bring to mind images of spring and sunshine. Floral notes do have connotations of innocence and could be a good choice when you date someone for the first time or have an outdoor party. Then there are perfumes that one associates with places. The combination of various elements can give you rich imagery of royalty or take you into the enchanting mystique of the orient or the Middle East. Tangier Vanille Eau de Parfum from Estee Lauder is a relatively new introduction. It is perfect for every occasion and transforms a woman into a sensuous and attractive personality and springs confidence.

Tangier Vanille brings up images of Morocco and Arabian Nights as well as spicy bazaars and perfumed gardens. Vanilla is the main perfume as the high note modified with tones of bergamot and enriched with middle tones of Bulgarian Rose. Amber at the base infuses the air with a sensuous aura while musk and sandalwood give it body and mystery. Tangier Vanille transforms you, surrounding you with a fragrance that keeps people guessing and wondering, creating a magical mystery you will love.

You can just spray the essential pulse spots with Tangier Vanille and, if you wish to take it a step further, layer it with evening rose for when you go to the party. The best thing about Tangier is that it lends itself well to such permutations and lets you create variations. Here at Headlines of Westminster, we want you to try it for yourself here.